Andgar 2018 Flat Dumper for Berries

2020 Lug Dumper

Andgar’s new 2019 patent pending lug dumper is designed for blueberry and strawberry processors. Protect the value of your crop by treating it with automated kid gloves that slowly and gently place your crop on the road to fresh pack, quick-freeze or repack markets.

Automatically load a complete stack of lugs, eliminating the most physically demanding jobs in your facility and ensuring a smooth and efficient flow throughout the process.

  • Patent pending
  • Dumps up to 800 lugs per hour
  • Can be loaded with a complete stack of eight lugs and automatically dumped
  • Replaces four manual laborers
  • Multi-directional conveyors eliminate gaps and overflows to produce better consistency through the quick-freeze tunnel
  • Provides production data for accuracy

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