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2019 Palletizing Robot

Speed Up Your Conveyor System

Moving heavy boxes and bags manually on and off your conveyor system puts your profits at risk. Labor shortages and on the job injuries mean unfilled orders as fresh food stacks up in your facility.

Robotic Palletizing System

Our Kawasaki automatic palletizer machine increases the speed and throughput of your operation because it requires almost no labor.

Other than the on/off switch, everything is automated. The pallet robot is pre-programmed to automatically adjust to any size box, weight, pallet or application.

The palletized load system cam create pallet stacks over ten feet tall and can reach over incoming and outgoing production lines with a seven-foot horizontal range.

Palletizer Machine Installation, Programming and Service

Andgar is Kawasaki’s preferred integrator for its pallet robot in the Western United States, British Columbia, Alberta and Chile because our metal fabrication shop gives us the ability to install it to fit the specific footprint of your facility.

So flip the ON switch and watch your downtime disappear, and see your return on investment multiply.

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