Wet Pack Drum Filling Equipment

Keep your berry puree pouring up to 4x faster with our 55-gallon drum filling system.

Why 4x faster? Because Andgar’s automatic drum filling machine fills up to four 55-gallon drums on a single pallet without unloading thanks to our automatic drum filling nozzle. No more moving hoses from drum to drum.

Andgar’s Drum Filling System Is Easy To Operate

A conveyor operated by an automatic touch screen system moves pallets at a consistent pace, removing the need for manual touch points, and reducing spillage and human contact with the puree.

The Advantages Of Andgar’s Wet Pack Drum Filling Equipment

  • Faster and consistent throughput because the filling nozzle moves automatically to fill four 55-gallon drums without unloading.
  • More sanitary puree due to minimal human contact.
  • Spilling and overfilling are eliminated with automatic scales
  • Less oversight required with Andgar’s drum filling equipment

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55 Gallon Drum Fillers