Blackberry Processing Equipment

Blackberry Processing Equipment

Our patent-pending 2019 fully automated Blackberry Flat Dumper picks up flats right from the pallet and gently places them on multi-directional conveyor belts optimized for speed so you don’t have to worry about gaps or overloading which wastes energy.

And because our conveyor belts operate in multiple directions, it reduces the worry of one hiccup slowing down your entire process.

For those blackberries headed for wet pack, our Blackberry Flat Dumper is an ideal solution because it can dump 1,000 flats per hour, which can eliminate the need for up to four manual laborers.

Our blackberry dumpers can dump 1,000 flats per hour, and our blackberry flat stacker can stack flats from the top-down into 22 unit stacks.

Once your flats are dumped, Andgar builds an entire line of equipment to automatically process your blackberries, saving you time and labor, including:

  • Flat Washers to wash empty flats
  • Blackberry Flat Stackers tested for reliability and built with a programmable logic controller for reliability and production data
  • Food Processing Conveyors made with Volta Belts, which can operate in multiple directions
  • Blackberry Blower Cleaners with a first-of-its-kind dual blower design system to improve the hygiene of your raspberries
  • Box Fillers for blackberries, which come in multiple head configurations guided by an easy to control touch screen
  • Drum Fillers to hold up to 55-gallons of blackberries headed for the bulk market

Contact us to request a custom quote or for additional information. Or, download information about Andgar’s specialized Blackberry Processing Equipment below.

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Blackberry Flat Washers
Blackberry Flat Stacker
Blackberry Processing Conveyor
Blackberry Blower Cleaner
Blackberry Blower Cleaner
Blackberry Box Filler
Blackberry Drum Filler

2019 Berry Dumper

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