Strawberry Processing Equipment

Strawberry Processing Equipment

Whether you are shipping strawberries for Fresh Pack, Individual Quick Freeze or Repack, Andgar has a line of rugged, easy to maintain automated equipment designed for the special needs of strawberry processors.

Our patent-pending 2019 Strawberry Lug Dumper automates your entire process, replacing labor-intensive manual dumping as strawberries are evenly distributed on our multi-directional conveyor belts, reducing the chance of gaps, overflows or an interruption that could slow or shut down an entire line.

Andgar’s Strawberry Stacker eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand stacking.

Once your strawberry lugs are dumped, Andgar builds an entire line of equipment to automatically process your fruit and save you time and labor, including:

  • Lug Washers to wash empty strawberry lugs after they are dumped
  • Food Processing Conveyors made with Volta Belts, which can operate in multiple directions
  • Strawberry Blower Cleaners with a first-of-its-kind dual blower design system to improve the hygiene of your strawberries
  • Rock Traps with pivoting flumes for easy rock and debris removal
  • Box Fillers for strawberries, which Andgar builds in multiple head configurations guided by an easy to control touch screen
  • Strawberry Drum Fillers to hold up to 55-gallons of strawberries headed for the bulk market

Contact us to request a custom quote or for additional information. Or, download information about Andgar’s specialized Strawberry Processing Equipment below.

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Strawberry Lug Washers
Strawberry Processing Conveyor
Strawberry Blower Cleaner
Strawberry Blower Cleaner
Strawberry Rock Traps
Strawberry Box Fillers
Strawberry Drum Filler

2019 Berry Dumper

2019 Flat Stacker

Box Filler